How much is a Puppy?

Our puppies typically start at $5000 – $35000 depending on who the parents are and pick of the litter.

Our stud fees start at $5000 depending on the male you’d like to use. All females have to be pre approved and a 50% deposit is required to reserve a stud.

Shipping within the USA ranges from about $300-$900 depending on the exact mileage between us. And $2000-$3000 for international shipments depending on each countries rules and regulations.
Do you ship pups to other countries?
– Yes we do, this is usually around $2000-$3000 but depends on each countries rules and regulations.

About our Dogs

They come with their UKC papers, up to date on deworming and their first shot given at 8 weeks old

While in our care our puppies are well socialized with children and the other dogs. It is the responsibility of the new family to continue to raise the pup properly with proper rules and boundaries and lots of socialization to ensure a balanced and stable dog.


Can we meet

No we are not open to the public due to security reasons and also to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and parasites in our yard. However, we do allow people to pick up their pups in person but have a strict disinfecting process. If we have young litters or expecting litters at that time, then we may require to meet somewhere off property.

The family and Hulk travel for filming and different events. When there are public events planned they will be shared via social media. So make sure to stay active on our pages to get those updates.


Common Questions

No we do not, we only take back our own produced dogs if the families can no longer keep them. Please always do your research on who you rehome your dog to and make sure you properly screen people!

Working with a dog with behavioral issues is all done in the dogs home, so because of this we only do it for people local to us. A dog with behavioral issues requires a dog behaviorist to rehabilitate the dog and train the owner. This is very different than a dog trainer, so when looking for someone to hire make sure you look for a behaviorist not a trainer.

Our dogs are not big because of anything other than genetics. There is nothing you can give your dog to make him/her grow larger. But to make your dog reach it’s max potential make sure to feed a a healthy diet and give lots of exercise.

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