Dark Dynasty K9’s… What can I say but what comes from the heart. I was a little scared to have a dog shipped to me that I hadn’t even seen other than in pictures. I mean, I hadn’t even met the parents. I took a chance. I am so glad that I did. “Gio” has turned out to be such an exceptional dog. But, I also have to say that when I got Gio, I also got the knowledge and expertise that is DDK9. I don’t know of any other breeder that would have given me the time out of their busy days like they have or that cares so much about their dogs and what happens to them quite like the people at DDK9.

Redding, Ca

Thank you for all of your help with training my puppy!!
I brought my dog Lilly to meet Marlon and Lisa at Dark Dynasty for some obedience training. I was worried about leaving my new family member with anyone, much less someone that lives 3 hours from me so we set a date that I would come see them, their facilities and their dogs. When I got there I was met by a friendly couple that you know love their animals and helping others have a better relationship with their pets. After talking for about 5 hours I told him I needed to consider it some more, he replied with “okay you have my number I’m sure we will be in touch if you have any questions just let me know that’s what I’m here for.” No pressure at all AFTER TAKING THEIR WHOLE DAY!! called Marlon a few days later and we set up a date to drop Lilly off. There was no rush at all and after a few hours I left, worried about what my dog was doing (of course she had to be stressed out that I was gone right?!?) I sent a text and got a bunch of pictures of my puppy having fun playing with Lisa and Jordan their son. They always let me know what was going on with my dog, how her training was going and the random video to actually show me the progress. The reunion was great spent a few hours working with Lilly and Marlon, Lilly was teaching me how to be a good handler. Couldn’t be any happier with the whole experience

Thank you to the Dark Dynasty Team!
Pat, NY

My name is Kasey Hernandez and I recently purchased a puppy from Marlon and Lisa Grennan at DarkDynastyK9’s, all I can say was that it was an all around outstanding experience and we are more than amazed with our new edition to the family. Our experience started months ago when Marlon and Lisa welcomed us into there home and introduced us to their family. I remember that day my family spent close to 3 hours there just talking about the dogs and getting to meet each and every one. Leaving that day I learned much more than I thought I had already known about the breed, along with how dedicated and how much knowledge Marlon had the breed and his dogs. Marlon, Lisa and I were in constant contact after that. Any questions that I had about the upcoming breeding’s they were there to answer. Anytime that I wanted to come back to visit I knew their home was open to me.   Fast forward to when the puppies were born. I knew that I wanted the first pick male, but also a dog that was able to do personal protection work. Marlon and Lisa kept me informed as to how Karma was doing and what was going on in the labor process. As soon as the puppies were here I knew about it. In the following weeks I received continuous updates on how the puppies were doing and on which puppy may be mine to take home. As the holiday season came around I informed Lisa that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to purchase a puppy at the time because of some events that had came up. Lisa ensured me that they would work with me so that I could get the puppy I wanted, even before the holidays rolled around. I was both surprised and amazed by how generous they were and willing to work with me. The day finally arrived when I went to pick up my puppy. After spending another few hours talking and seeing all the dogs again Marlon had 2 puppies for me to choose from. He took the time out to show me all the puppies and the differences in their personalities. Ultimately the choice was up to me but with the help of Marlon we found the PEFRECT working dog for my family. That night we took Ace home Lisa made sure to check in to see if everything was ok. Weeks later and we are still in constant daily contact with both Lisa and Marlon. They are always there to answer my questions day or night, and call to make sure that everything is going the way it should be. Ace will be going back in a few months for training and I am so excited to see what will come from him, with Marlon’s experience and training I am expecting nothing but perfection. Ace is an amazing puppy now at just about 3 months of age and I cannot wait to see how he will turn out. We will definitely be doing business with Marlon, Lisa and DarkDynastyK9’s again, and in fact already have another puppy in the planning. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a breeder who knows his business and dogs inside and out to look into DarkDynastyK9’s. To Marlon, Lisa and DarkDynastyK9’s we consider you family and are so glad to have Ace and yourselves in our lives. You have truly made this an amazing experience and are doing amazing work for the breed. Keep up the outstanding work. If anyone has any questions about my experience feel free to get in contact with Marlon or Lisa and they can give you my contact information.

From the Hernandez family to Grennan family THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!

I just want to say thank you for your good professional treatment and help to get me my “dream dog”, this is Im eternal greatfull for! Your kindness and service just did that I knew “Daddy” was in good hands and that my dog should come from you, this made me safe and secure in that I got the dog I was dreaming about … You’ve got yourself a friend for life bro and hope to meet you one day in the future – I wish you all the luck in the world with your amazing work with your dogs…! your passion inspire me very much and hope all your dreams for this amazing race will come true!!

Best regards from your friend

Dennis, Sweden

Me and my family have known marlon ( owner of darkdynastyk9s) for a few years now. as we have watched marlon take so much pride in his puppies and dogs as if they were family it made us realize we wanted to purchase a puppy from him. marlon takes so much pride in perfecting his puppys and dogs from the training to their bloodline. this is why we bought our puppy. marlon has answered all of our questions open and honestly from the start which made our experience that much better. marlon is always there to answer any questions anyone may have while raising your puppy which alot of breeders do not do. if you want an amazing experience and an amazing puppy with the best quality bloodline dark dynasty k9s is the place to go. we thank dark dynasty k9s for our amazing experience and our perfect addition to our family.

Kim & Tony

The obedience training through Dark Dynasty was the best decision we could have made for our pitbull puppy.  We had considered local options for training but I knew right away that Dark Dynasty was the superior choice.  Lisa was easy to communicate with and sent us the contract immediately so we could set everything up for when our puppy (Belle) reached the proper training age.

Prior to the training, we had been working with Belle on the basic ‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘paw’ ‘down’ commands but her attention span was lacking.  Getting her to cooperate on walks was a task and she would act crazy around people running or throwing footballs, baseballs, playing basketball and pretty much everything she decided she wanted to play and be part of.  It was difficult to deal with because we knew she was loving and affectionate with us and the best cuddle buddy you could ever ask for but we had to figure out what we were doing wrong for her to misbehave.

The training with Dark Dynasty took about 10 weeks including the two weeks of Belle adjusting to the new environment and people.  Lisa, Marlon and their amazing staff worked with Belle on everything we had discussed and Lisa would send us videos with updates and training techniques to continue with Belle at home.  We were able to witness the process and could clearly see a change in her behavior and attentiveness to the commands.  It was also a relief to see her learning and having fun because lets face it, you do miss your dog while they are away.  By the end of the obedience training, Belle listened to commands and was able to go on walks off-leash and stay by our side with complete control and attention.  It was also a relief knowing people could play basketball and baseball on our property without her going after the ball.  Lisa answered all of our questions and explained not only the training to us but also how we could improve ourselves to be proper dog owners.  Most of the advice Lisa and Marlon gave us was incredible in the sense that it was so simple and obvious yet we would have never thought of on our own.  Loving our dog the proper way.  This training was not only for Belle but for us as well and we appreciate everything they have taught us.

Lisa and Marlon were patient, courteous, and showed genuine hospitality the day we went to pick up Belle and Beast.  On October 10th we spent the entire day with them and Lisa not only helped us adjust to working with Belle properly but also took us into town to work with her in local stores around distractions.  We also had the pleasure of talking with them on a personal level and witnessed the amount of love and dedication they have for their own dogs.

While Belle was at training, she created new friendships with the puppies owned by Lisa and Marlon.  One particular puppy caught our attention and we just could not separate them.  The day we picked Belle up from training, we also brought home her new best friend, Beast.  They have been inseparable and he tends to follow her example, which is exactly what we were hoping for.  We look forward to applying the training techniques not only to continue Belle’s progress but also begin with Beast when he reaches the appropriate age.  We would recommend this obedience training to anyone and everyone!

-Vinnie & Kaila


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